Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Top 5 Gadget & Electronic Deals

Top 5 Gadget & Electronic Deals

O2- 17.50 Cashback

Top 5 Gadget & Electronic Deals

O2 have recently introduced the iPhone 3G. This newer version of the iPhone includes faster internet, GPS, advanced mail options & the App Store, where you can download hundreds of applications for your phone. The 8 GB version comes at no extra cost to you. For 1200 minutes & 500 texts you will only have to pay £45 a month, which if you ask me is a pretty good deal. For more information about the iPhone visit the Apple Store. For more deals from O2 visit Internet Cashback.

BT- £15 Cashback

BT offers 4 unique packages that are tailored to meet most peoples needs. With every package you receive a free wireless BT Home Hub. Prices range from £7.95 per month to £29.99. All packages have speeds up to 8 MB & are contracted to a minimum of 18 months usage. For the second year in a row, an independent survey has named BT Total Broadband as the best performing ASDL provider. To get your broadband from the countries leading broadband supplier visit our Mega Deals. For more information about these packages visit BT.

Add Ons World- 10% Cashback

Add ons world sell a range of accessories for all electrical products. However they also sell a range of gadgets such as the Picco Z Micro Helicopter. This cool little toy is only six inches long and weighs an incredible 10 grams, the Picoo Z Helicopter ,with LED light, is a fascinating flying machine that is super stable and easy to fly in the smallest of spaces, and unbelievably fits in the palm of your hand for fantastic desk top fun!

Gadget Cover- £2.50 Cashback

Get cover for all of your gadgets & electrical items and have a guaranteed replacement within 48 hours. With the number of Sat Navs being stolen from cars rising it might be time to insure yours. The lowest rate is £2.49 and the highest is £7.99. Start paying monthly today and get 1 months insurance free, or pay all at once and get a full 2 months free! To see what else you could get insurance on visit Gadget Cover.

I Want One Of Those- 5% Cashback

One of the UK's leading online gadget shops that have everything, from headsets to handbags. One of the newest and innovative gadgets around is the Ecobutton. We can all close our eyes & stick our fingers in our ears but Global Warming is here and its showing no signs of disappearing any time soon! But you can still do your bit to help for only £14.95. Plug this little gizmo into your USB port and give it a tap every time you have to leave your desk. Whether it's for a long drawn out meeting with the boss or drinks at lunchtime the Eco Button makes sure that your PC and monitor draw as little power as possible. Not only do you get to see how many carbon units you've saved when you reactivate the PC, but, and this is the best bit, the Eco Button software will also show you how much cash would have been spent if you'd left the computer on - genius, and fun too!


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